It took me a long time to realize
that the world does not belong to me
and even with my careful steps
I will eventually get hurt in some way.

It’s not that it’s all intentional,
I mean the universe is not out to get me
it’s just that it was written in the stars
for humanity to plot pain within
happiness and struggle within
success so who am I to mess
with the Fates of this galaxy?

Although, on some days I wish
that I was closer to the constellations
that spell out my name because
I just want to know what it feels like
to have control of my life again.

I thought I was invincible until I learned about space (via ink-trails)

I am so fucking alone and all i want is a friend. Everyone is blocking me out and doesn’t talk to me at this stupid fucking school. I hate it. I am so fucking alone and depressed and I really need someone. I have absolutely no friends. No one cares. I am a fucking loser. Is there something wrong with me??? Like no one talks to me unless its a forced interaction. I fucking hate my life right now. I’m not asking for more than one friend and I can’t even get that. FUck everything and everyone at this dumb fucking school and everyone i knew who moved on to apparently better friends because no one gives two fucking shits about me.